The streets of New York, London, Milan, Paris are hunting for Giorgia Musci, a Trend Hunter always traveling around the world with the aim of’ capture the looks that inspire more.

As he tells us Giorgia, are no longer just the streets to contain the new fashion trend, but the web has become a mine of trends.

Giorgia Musci is a Trend Researcher and Fashion Stylist that after studying in Milan and London has a lot of experience in the fashion industry.

E’ was Art Director Marc Jacobs, Wella, Fila and other big brands, also worked in advertising, publishing and finally landed in the field of “trend research” working on Yoox, fashion Snoops, The London Lite, Strawberry cat, Dr.Martens e Gabrielle Teare which still works, as well as being trend-hunter for Calzedonia Intimissimi.

In fashion industry on the Web, the role of the researcher of trends, is the beginning, where is the “gestation”, the design of new trends and clothes. Giorgia for this will be our speaker at GGD # 9 to speak of how the Web influences the fashion world and how it can be used as a channel search for new trends!

I'll see the 26 February ;) !

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