Autumn has just begun but the calendar of events to which you can not miss is already busy. Below we present an agenda of appointments that will keep you company throughout the week.

As already announced, also withabbot 8 October I look forward to Stock Exchange - Piazza Nettuno n. 3- by 10.00 all 12.00 to present the Digital Literacy Courses for women and record enrollment.

Our location will be in the Stables, big room with the narrative, Fiano librarians.

Who find the full program and all info

We'll be there on Saturday 22-29 October for details and registration number of the series of lectures (open until 4 November). We wait!

GammaDonna: Wednesday 5 October is the time of Exhibition of female entrepreneurship that opens the door to Vicenza for its fourth edition.

A two-day networking at national and international level that will put women entrepreneurs and business leaders through the many workshops and events organized during the event.

Among the various activities present in program, Award GammaDonna 10 / and praise that will be delivered to 5 examples of excellence part of’ female entrepreneurship.

Finally, mention the’Bologna meeting of’8 October with Digital Freedom Festival, Wikimedia promoted by Italy (popular festival that takes place in cities across Italy) where he held the seminar of the barcamp OpenBologna its Opendata.

In the morning, by 10 all 13, to Urban Center of Bologna – Stock Exchange (where we ourselves with our information point on the digital literacy courses:) OpenBologna open discussion at the seminar. What are the opendir, what are the citizens, business, associations? What relationship is there between opendir and phenomena / social problems such as the digital divide, einclusion, -access coverage of the data-manipulation?

From 14 all 17 will be held on Barcamp its OpenData. The goal of BarCamp is to think about confidentiality and privacy, regulation of, capable of processing data, manner and format data access.

It is a week full of Punta propespetta not to be missed. If you, we certainly see each of these three events ;)

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