Do not need an introduction in these parts, because he was part of the original formation of teamGGDBologna; because many times we hosted his guest post and why is our friend.

For a lot of good reasons, we invited as a speaker at Antonella GGDBO11 and here is his interview.

GGD – Antonella, presented

Antonella Napolitano, European editor of TechPresident, I deal with how technology is changing politics and society.

GGD-Are you interested in e-Democracy and Politics 2.0, as you approach a woman in those topics?

Speaking to approach women is always delicate, because it tends to polarize the possible answers and make them a confrontation. Without limitation: experiences abroad and I know that I will talk Saturday (and who are mainly from the Anglo-Saxon world) show a drive to do group and organize, while maintaining the diversity.

GGD- What the talk 18 February?!

I will speak of two different experiences and meaningful each in its own way, BlogHer, US network of blogging became a real group of influence, and English Mumsnet, born as a network for parents and that in the course of ten years he has acquired such importance as to be asked by aspiring candidates for Prime Minister in British elections 2010.

Finally tell of a recent case of activism that has used effectively Pinterest, un social network “exploded” in recent weeks, and which is used predominantly by women.

GGD-What do you think of movements like that of Girl Geek Dinners Bologna?

Well, I think the images, having helped found the group bolognese! ;-)
The experiences that I will talk Saturday pose a challenge but I think that also applies to the GGD: in several cases, esperienze come queste permettono di raggiungere risultati e influenza inattese, diventando opinion leader e punti di riferimento (magari anche solo per delle nicchie).

Come essere interlocutori credibili, continuando a mantenere una voce indipendente?

Grazie Antonella!

Non vediamo l’ora di ascoltarti e di farti un sacco di domande!

E voi, avete pensato cosa chiederle?

In Saturday!


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