We think it is necessary, especially in difficult times, to continue to pursue, and indeed raise, the necessary synergies to exploit the territories, making them places to visit and want to live” I'll see the 1 June, anche on line via web! Do not give up! [feeling. TagBoLab]

The theme of the “Sustainable Tourism” you are taking a strong value that can be recognized in several respects: a greater understanding of the journey as knowledge and enrichment bilateral, the desire to capture what is most true and genuine can offer a trip, the need to limit the waste, the advantage of being able to compare with the world community of travelers on and off-line through which you can select your destination based on experiences, tips and information shared, to a collective desire is to travel in an environmentally, the country and the people who host us.

The motivations that drive contemporary society to talk more and more often “Sustainable Tourism” could still be many and varied but in order to give answers based on that “movement” social and cultural development is necessary to understand what are the actors that revolve around this theme and that allow you to really talk about “Sustainable Tourism”.

As this concept is accepted by the local communities? In “tourists” are really informed about the possibilities of sustainable travel made available by the tourist boards, by municipalities and territory? How can you really educate society to make informed choices of travel? What role do social media and information services at a local level?

L’evento The story tourist [as] can be sustainable? becomes an important opportunity for discussion and information on these issues, an opportunity to meet and share ideas and proposals for a local story on a human scale and to enhance local experiences that tell the territory in an innovative and sustainable.

Organized by TagBoLab, the laboratory area marketing on the web 2.0 the Master of Science in Communication Sciences Social and Public University of Bologna, in collaboration with It.a.cà – Holidaysval Responsabile Tourism, e in partnership con SocialLab as part of 'Digital Agenda of the Municipality of Bologna and BolognaWelcome, The event will be held

Friday 1 June, in Cappella Farnese, a Palazzo d’Accursio, pm 9.30 all 18.00.

At this link you can follow the event on facebook.

TagBoLab idea is to experiment with the use of the web 2.0 that, through constant study and daily network, turns into operation "because TagBoLab is an editorial product online, a campaign to promote a territorial and regional research ». [TagBoLab]

With this event the students of TagBoLab, coordinati da Michela D’Alena, close the academic year, during which they have broadened and deepened their online research and analysis on local and international festivals, especially from the point of view “Sustainable”, level of communicative and effective participation.

We wondered whether the impact sustainable initiative that has - if its owner - either, in fact, always provided with the most appropriate tools. With, in fondo, there is a certain correspondence between the activities and private, institutions and non-profit making, and communicate, on the territory. With a central social media.

Starting from these questions TagBoLab structured event “The story tourist [as]can be sustainable?” during which attended by some of the most innovative national projects, institutions, professionals and representatives of local best practices.

Among the personalities who “tell the local area and local experiences of sustainable tourism” There Sarannthe, Graziano Prantoni, Minister of Tourism, Province of Bologna, Matthew Lepore, assessore al Marketing Urbano, Smart City project and Digital Agenda, City of Bologna, Pina Lalli, President MSc Social and Public Communication Sciences, University of Bologna, Roberta Milano, Professor of Tourism Marketing at the University of Savona, founder of BTO educational, Marjorie Breyton, Imprint Ethics and Giulia BALUGANI, SCS.

Will be presented also GreenBo, guide the sustainable side of Bologna, and a handbook of actions to be taken to organize a festival sustainable.

In the morning, section of the lock out of the interventions will be devoted to “Best practices di turismo slow e turismo tech” while during the afternoon there will be a panel discussion entitled “e a Bologna?”.

The question many people are interested. We will try to find answers by attending the event.

The detailed program of “The story tourist [as] can be sustainable?” is available at this link.

You can follow the event live streaming on LepidaTV e su tagbolab, or by using the hashtag #itacà her Twitter.

After the meeting there will be a happy hour at the Theatre Illusi in Alley Quartirolo 7 and, all 19.30, will follow the concert Ethnic Supersantos.


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