Tomorrow at 11.00 via Barberia,4 at the salon Marescotti, the Department of Music and Entertainment will host a conference organized by Henry Jenkins :

“How Content Gains Meaning and Value in the Era of Spreadable Media”

The event is organized by the Cinema section of the DAMS and the Working Group of the International Conference Media Mutations.

Objective of the meeting is to analyze how the concept of cultural content has changed over the years and the old idea of “Sovereign content” has acquired a different meaning, bijective practice for which the audience plays a vital role in both creating the same content that the value of a perspective.

From boom of social networks, public participation was not only accepted but sought in every way and the audience play an increasingly important role in interpreting, create and deliver content media.

The lesson of Henry Jenkins takes its cue from his latest book titled Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture, in which he analyzes the inadequacy of the prevailing:

web 2.0, viral are no longer able to describe the role that the audience have acquired over the years.

A particular attention will be placed on the mechanism of movement of content that has lifted the top-down approach favoring freer movement through which the relationship between the media and the contents are gone participatory changed over time.

Admission is free, those who could not be able to follow the event live streaming, info on page.


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