Time greetings!

Friday 6 July pm 19.00 for the customary greetings early summer to see you “Twitter Tips & Tricks”, the course and appetizer social all'autoformazione dedicated advanced and more on using Twitter.

Organized by our friend- Paola Frateschi aka @ prinet2000.

#TTT06 will have as TOPIC Twitter and Music.

Emerging artists are using Twitter to introduce themselves and their music without resorting to traditional media, which often require large economic resources (as stated the manifesto initiative) and there seemed a better opportunity to visit with new friends and greet both our associates and followers.

Also we take a break, eh gia, but not too long and certainly punctuated by a lot of work, but we can not wait to unveil new products for the 2012/2013 and so we are still happy to snatch a few hours at the beach!

Start time 21, thanks to the local wifi we can via pc, tablets and smartphones to follow the live streaming of the event run by the guys Twittamidinotte The hub at the Milano dal.

Hashtag #TTT06

We are waiting just as numerous as, of Bread, Burro e Wi-Fi, remembering to to the membership via the event that you find on Facebook or writing una e-mail .

At tomorrow night!
GGDBologna team

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