New Women's Health Professions

The associations of cultural promotion Girl Geek Dinners ta, Women Thinking and the blog Articolo37, Minganti Workshops in collaboration with and with the patronage of the Province of Bologna have the event:

The New professions of women
to be held on 15 October 2011 Workshops at Minganti, path of Liberation, 15 – Bologna
The event aims primarily to provide participants with information, tools and skills useful to look out for a working dimension digital.

The testimonies of women who have revolutionized their life through the internet will show how the Web has a strong influence on contemporary society working.
The event is aimed, also, to institutions, associations, individuals interested in exploring the theme of the job opportunities offered by the network, acquiring practical skills and information through the direct testimony of the speakers and workshops that will characterize the event.
The meeting will be structured in two modes of interaction:
- Seminar: direct evidence of professional experiences of women who have changed their lives thanks to the network.
- Workshop: practical guides to some tools of a professional digital utiliad.

Participation is free.

Hours 10.00 – Registration of participants and press accreditation
Hours 10.30 – Introduction GGD, Women thinking and Articolo37
hours 11 – Top speech
- Leda Guidi- So we Hyperbola
-Paola Santoro "It's spring in November…” Rebirth of a woman.
-Micaela Calabresi- WAKE UP ITALY!
-Francesca MinonnE-GRAN TORINO 2.0
-Giulia Simi- From a degree in the Digital Markeitng.
-Laura De Benedetto- creative women on the move

hours 13.30 -14.30, lunch break

- Barbara Damiano-
Silvia Ferreri - Maternity and Work: a marriage can not? One point two of the documentary to the blogosphere
-Stephanie and Monica Boles Massola -”Reflections underway: #donnexdonne,network,and good practice "-Paula-Frateschi My Personal Branding!


hours 11- 13
- Daniela Bortolotti "Candy Thief: from blogs to print media " – with the intervention of JAR-Claudia Zanola Editions
- Edith Gallon :iPad and management of a business.
-Paola Santoro : I like my Fan. Small guide to the management of a brand community on Facebook

-Antonia Colasanto:skills and opportunities for female entrepreneurs
hours 14.30 – 18 Workshop:
- Silvia Storelli: told through videos
- Giulia Lippolis: planet e-book
- Tonia Maffeo Spreaker: how to open an online radio
- Barbara Damiano: mammesco how to open a blog and try to monetize through placement.
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  2. Unfortunately I discover just now… There is a kind of report on this day that the program looks very interesting?



  3. Ciao Matilde,
    Soon we will publish the video of the speeches and presentations of the panelists.