E’ started the school year almost everywhere (in our region we leave the 16 September) and can not miss some reflection “geek” on the relationship between school and digital in our country and in neighboring.

From this year enters in Vigore, compulsory for all Italian schools, The Logbook: ever more enormous folders on which to pin absences, notes and class information. Or at least that, on paper, you expect from the new beginning.

De facto, it seems that the schools really equipped for this important change is only half (a luglio si parlava di un 45% ready) and already there are Deans “against” and ready to postpone the adjustment to this rule.

Serve training for teachers, refers to the Association of School Executives, and you have to give them time.

Who – like myself – ha figli, remember the confusion, in January, caused by Online registration. A few hours before the opening of the form, the Ministry website went haywire (and with him thousands of parents, concerned that the enrollment of their children had not been finalized) also highlighting a general inadequacy of the instruments (or the manner in which they were used).

But the point, say well Deans, maybe not so much the tool to improve, when the dissemination of digital culture minimum that allows adults to deal with the “digital natives” and power use from time to time the most appropriate technology.

Yet the situation is very complex and sometimes looks like a dog chasing its tail:

What are the schools really 2.0 today?

In how many classes there is a Lim?

Many teachers want to keep up with the times but do not always know how to get around: I often work in schools with courses literacy the use of the web and social media (on my website Weaving the Web the upcoming events) and more than once I found myself having to do lesson without being able to access the Network (considering the topic of the course, I have often found it very ironic).

The computer provided in the classrooms are slow and old and within the structures are lacking for the most suitable professionals to promote change.

Who goodwill work at home, studied and car shape on the Net, who is passionate about open Blog with their pupils: Despite this there are still cases virtuosos at your fingertips.

The lack of funds slows down the process of enlargement at the base of a digital culture among adults and among students: a teacher can not always afford to volunteer, working for free to encourage the dissemination.

Then there are also those who totally reject the digital or prefer keeping themselves on the sidelines, considering it as something “external” School and education: when I meet people who have this attitude, I hope that will soon change their minds because they are losing a truly valuable dialogue between generations and are a little’ abdicating their role as trainers.

Without basic digital culture, which allows everyone access to technology and get used to the change, it seems hard to think that we can “innovate” processes and educational methods.

Yet this is the goal that we have to give as a country, this is the goal that you are given other countries, which consider technological skills a conditio sine qua non for all students.

This is also why the association Girl Geek Dinnes Bologna, has long been committed to spreading the digital literacy among women and – in general – among all the people who want to get the sense of opportunity and develop a critical mind to use it well and collaborates with the Digital Agenda of the city to promote digital inclusion of gender.

In England, eg, Robotics has been introduced in the curriculum of studies to ascertain the “skills for life” [Source Mondodigitale].

No matter wanting to become engineers, astronauts or scientists: this choice is based on the assumption that the technical skills are now essential in mental model of the contemporary.

Only a multidisciplinary vision and a positive use of digitale, understood as a tool and not as an end, will be able to develop the right terrain to engage “Innovation” and raise a generation of young innovators aware, restoring new life and meaning to this term, abusatissimo, that does not necessarily have to do with the web and digital but that certainly can not be separated from a technological approach to life also.

Who knows what will happen this year and if our schools (but most of all our institutions) will be ready to adapt to what is now part of everyone's life.

I'm very curious as always ;-)

We are pleased to announce, it is appropriate to say, the first round of the draft Smart Women.

Smart Women This initiative involves a series of meetings in some of the main Italian cities, with the purpose of spreading as much as possible the digital culture in our country through women.

Bag and baggage cross and reach the Calabria Italy. Undisputed protagonists will, obviously, gives. Professional, able about madri, many women have been excluded, apart from exceptional cases, from the debate on digital that hit our country. We believe that the comparison between the different cultural realities, in particular with a point of view and needs all female, inevitably leads to an enrichment of the parties.

The format is a bit’ unusual, not only for our events, but also with respect to those that took place in Italy in recent years. The reasons why we chose this method of dating are many.

In particular, because we want to collect, listen and deal with the various local, not just those with whom we do business from day to day . And then we hope to innesecare a reaction in women who meet along the way, to inspire, to help them to create and promote similar events in their cities.

Our first stop will be at the Bologna Smart City Exibition the 31 October, the stand Bologna Smart City by 11.30 all 12.30.

In the coming days we will be able to give you more details of the event.

In the meantime, do not take commitments and follow us to stay up to date!


E’ already spent more than a month after the end of the course targati “No Digital Divide” for the first time on stage this year in the Hall of Greys Zaragoza neighborhood of Bologna, and we GGDBologna we already have a certain nostalgia of our students…

In order not to lose contact with those who have made this our first experience a time of great personal and professional growth, we decided to organize a pizza party to celebrate the outcome of the course, and spend some time in complete informality.

Tonight at 20:00, we will all be at the pizzeria da Totò in via San Valentino 2, those who want to join just to drink a bitter taste in the company is absolutely invited to participate.

Thanks, anecdotes, memories and great laughs especially, is sure to be a beautiful evening, in style GGDBologna.

We wait ;)

Antonella does not need to be presented on this blog, In fact, one of the founders of the team GGDBologna and again we hosted his interviews and his guest post.

His latest book is “Linkedin network to find your dream job” and will then just keep Antonella il workshop su Linkedin il prossimo 12 March Greys room at the district Zaragoza.

We try to understand better what we will talk about the 12 March

Antonella why a book on Linkedin?

The book is part of a series that Apogee has developed social networks and Linkedin is a social network that is emerging is much for the historical period that the importance of the issues that it covers. The network is more and more connected to the social life of individuals and look for work in the network is an increasingly common practice. Linkedin is a tool that allows you to summarize your professional skills in a link: Today this condition is increasingly essential.

Who should read the book?

The book is aimed at all; in fact it is a glossary that not only contains terms relating to Linkedin but in general terms referring to the network, so as to be useful to those faces to the network for the first time. That's because search networking, now it is not just a peculiarity of those who deal with web, but a common practice even those that look out to the network for the first time. The book is therefore useful both to those who know the network and want to deepen the instrument, both those who want to learn how to use it starting from the first steps.

What is important to know how to use Linkedin?

1) Which is a platform for those workers and employers, so you have to keep in mind that you have to have an attitude appropriate to the context.

2) Being highly indexed by Google Linkedin is often the first result associated with our name. It is said, therefore, that those who arrive on our Linkedin profile to know our other social profiles, we make sure that it is as representative as possible.

3) The specificity: our profile must represent specifically those who are our real skills. This is. Marketing Professional, is a way to show a little limited because it does not say what they really know what to do and what are our responsibilities.

In 10 points should not be overlooked?

  • Le basi. Name and surname, a sober photo, a professional qualification precise (non bariamo!).
  • Profile. Compiliamolo and insert a slide: synthetic Us, specific, interesting.
  • Keywords. LinkedIn has a powerful search function. So we use the right ones!
  • Network. Colleagues, acquaintances and even friends in the industry. And if we contact someone, come before.
  • Contents. Sharing them and read those of others: is updated at no cost!
  • References. Let us ask people we trust and who know us professionally.
  • Groups. Iscriviamoci, read, we comment. But it is a mistake to use them to promote themselves!
  • Companies. If a company has an interesting page on LinkedIn, let us follow the updates.
  • Offers. In the right column LinkedIn informs us jobs related to our profile.
  • Constancy. LinkedIn è un social network, let's use it often. The results come cultivating relationships.
  • This and much more will speak to Antonella free workshop which will be held, I still remember, the 12 March 2012, at the Hall Greys via Pietralata 60 by 19.00 all 21.00.

    Remember that you can subscribe to us at staff@girlgeekdinnersbologna.com

    See you soon
    GGDBologna Team

    Do you remember the Barcamp inauguration of a series of meetings “No Digital Divide” Saturday 4 February, canceled because of snow? Well, the sun of the last hours of Bologna reminds us that now is the time to recover the time lost! :)

    Double date then Saturday 10 March:

    in the Sala Ceneri in the Exhibition Zaragoza, in via Pietralata 60.

    Barcamp “Communication 2.0 What is it and how it has changed the way we communicate” by 10 all 13.

    From 15 all 19 will be held instead, as scheduled, the Barcamp “Networking and territory”.

    For registration, we refer to this link, remembering that those who were already registered for the 4 February not require new Sign-up.

    We wait, as always, numerous. Do not miss!

    To uncertainties, doubts or concerns, write!

    See you soon

    GGDBologna Team

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